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In 1998 Google had 9800 searches a day; in 2007 they had 1.2 billion searches per day. It’s now over 3.5 billion searches per day.  Potential customers are looking for your products and services.  Will you show up when they search or will they find your competitors first?

In 2016 Media Technology Monitor released survey results showing on average, anglophone Canadians spent 24.5 hours online per week.  Going online to find what we need has replaced things like the Yellow Pages as our go to tool to find things.

Even anecdotally I can say from my experience at Forest City Surplus Canada that search engine optimization made a big impact on that business.  I remember in January of 2004 when 5 months into my position there as Webmaster and Marketing Director the owner came to me and said have you ever wondered how we can sell things online and beat out companies like Canadian Tire?  He explained to me then about the basics of search engine optimization and how it let a small independent business compete with a chain like Canadian Tire which had around 450 stores across the country at that time.  Getting found online was a business game changer, an equalizer, a way that the little guy could compete, a way that David could beat the Goliath’s of Canadian business.  This is why I have put so much effort in my life into search.  Over the years in the store I saw countless people coming in with printouts of items that they had found online which allowed them to discover the east end London Ontario store.  Many people in the west end areas of London like Westmount, Oakridge, Byron, and Old South have told me if it wasn’t for them doing some research and searching on online that they would not have found the business.  My father is an accomplished civil engineer.  Discovering the business bounties that search can provide an organization has made me spend countless weekends working on reverse engineering search results to see what was different from those at the top of the search to those at the bottom.  Search is my passion.  I believe that SEO is one of the best ways to promote a business.  Getting search right means that an organization’s potential customers, clients, donors… can locate you.  Unlike radio and TV, SEO is a completely unobtrusive form of advertising.  It’s part of why it is my favourite forms of marketing.

Why Choose Me As Your SEO Expert?

I have 12 1/2 years of experience performing search engine optimization in house with Forest City Surplus Canada across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and Kijiji. I also have 10 years of experience consulting clients with SEO. During that time I was able to achieve page one search results for terms through on-page and off-page SEO best practices.  This success made me ask the question back in 2011 if I was hiring an SEO what would be the one thing I would look for?  I realized that it was is a track record. A proven list of results that would let me know that the person I was hiring was able to achieve success on Google for the terms that he or she was targeting.

So I put out for public record a long list of keywords which elevated the sites I work for to rank in the top ten on Google. If you click on the links provided, they should provide you with similar results as to what I have posted. These results may vary depending on the history of the websites you’ve clicked on and your geographic location. All this can affect what results Google displays for you.

My Proven List of SEO Results

Forest City Surplus (look for or in the results)  – Updated October 17th, 2018

Third discount tools Canada
Fifth army surplus Canada
Fourth Surplus Canada
Eighth military surplus
Sixth survival gear
Tenth BB guns Canada
Ninth marine speakers Canada
Fifth camping gear Canada
Third camping gear Ontario
Tenth combat boots Canada
Fourth snow skates
Eighth freeze dried food
Fourth dehumidifier Ontario
Fourth Frigidaire 50 pint dehumidifier Canada
First prepper supplies Canada
Seventh rain gear Canada
First cold weather clothing Canada
First extreme cold weather clothing Canada
Fifth extreme cold weather clothing
Sixth combat pants Canada
First canvas duffle bag Canada
Second dining tent with flaps
First dehumidifier london ontario
First paintball stuff
Second discount hunting gear Canada
Fifth Canadian prepper
Sixth bulletproof vest Canada
Second body camera Canada

Norspec Filtration (look for in the results) – Updated March 2nd, 2019
Fourth Industrial Water Filters
Fifth Industrial water filtration

Big Data Science (look for in the results) – Updated February 10th, 2019
First SR&ED Tax Program Consultant
First SR&ED Tax Credit Program Consultant
First SR&ED Program Consultant
Second SR&ED Tax Consultant
Sixth SR&ED Credit Consultant
Sixth Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program consultant
Seventh Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Consultant

Interested in increasing the number of clients you get from Google, Bing, and other search engines?  Go with someone with a proven SEO track record.

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