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“When looking for a web developer, you need someone who understands business and, in particular, marketing. You don’t want a website, what you want is a way of attracting and connecting to customers. That is why having someone like Tim who has a solid understanding of marketing is important to successful digital marketing.” Dr. Laura Guerrero, PhD Business from Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University.

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When you’re very engrossed in your own business you sometime we miss the big problems that might be affecting it. We offer business consultation services where we can help provide an outside point of view of where you might be able to tweak your business to improve profits and increase of your customers. See how our insights can help grow your business today.

Why Do Business with Us?

We care about your bottom line.  Whether it’s improving your online presence, designing a newspaper ad or helping you finding business efficiencies we want to help your organization to make improvements to compete in the increasingly competitive global business environment.

Tim brings 15 years of real world Internet marketing experience to the table.

This includes experience in:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Tim has helped organizations rank in the top ten of national search results for keywords such as discount tools Canada, camping gear Canada, industrial water filters, and more.  Locally we have helped clients rank for terms like MLS London Ontario and used computers London Ontario.  Visit our SEO services web page for more details.

Copywriting – Your website can be a 24×7 online selling machine.  By improving the sales pitch that your website gives on behalf of your business this can lead to higher conversions.  See how Tim has helped improve sales copy on product pages so as to increase sales conversions.

Email Marketing – Email is a great marketing tool to encourage customers to come back to your business for repeat orders.  See example of Tim’s email marketing.

PPC Management/Google Ads – Have a new product that you want to let customers know about?  Want to get customers fast?  Google ads are a great marketing tool to get customers quickly.  See how Tim can help your organization setup and/or manage Google Ads.

Social Media Marketing – This is another amazing tool to get your marketing message seen on some of the most popular websites on the planet like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.  See how Tim can help your organization setup and/or manage your social media marketing.


Video Marketing – If a picture is worth a thousand words then motion pictures at 30 frames per second can tell a story quickly.  Tim has created dozens of YouTube videos that in total have received over 700,000 views.  Video takes a lot of effort to create.  See how Tim’s video marketing experience can help you get more exposure for your video and help you choose the right style of video and topics that lead to more exposure for your brand.

Website Audits – If your website is costing you money and not generating enough leads to pay for itself then it’s time for a website audit.  We make websites that are 24×7 lead generating machines.  Let Tim use his 16 years of website experience to perform a detailed website audit.  We can help you find areas that you can improve on to take your firm’s Internet presence to the next level.

Website Development – Your websites should be one of the most valuable assets for your organization.  If you haven’t started on your website creation journey please let us help you make a website that you will wonder how you ever did business before you had it.  We have the expertise and experience to know what can be done with a website so that it helps customers find the information they need 24×7, advance the sales cycle, or help generate sales or appointments.  Go to our website development page for more details.

Website Upgrades – Whether you have a business card style informational website that you need more web pages created or you’re looking to move up to a full e-commerce, with our 16 years of small business website experience we know where the usual problem areas are of customers.  Let us help you make big gains in your businesses online experience.  Visit our website upgrade page to take your website to the next level.


Tim is conscientious and hard working. He was always eager and willing to come in early or work late during my busiest times. He would be a valuable asset to any employer. – Robert Vaughan, President, Direct Video


Thanks to a poster Tim made for me I was able to get five new clients in one week – Bill Birnie – William J. Birnie Superlative Services

After we posted a flyer Tim created in the London Public Library System, we were overwhelmed with the record number of guests (18) who attended our next Toastmasters meeting. – Tom Dampsy, President 2008, Forest City Toastmasters

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