About Me

Photo of Digital Marketing Expert Tim D. HodgesComputers and marketing have always been a passion for me.  For my second Christmas in 1981 my parents said that I kept asking for a computer.  It was one of the first words I had learned.  By pre-school my teachers had noticed that I had picked up on several advertising jingles.  Fast forward a few years and I was part of the first graduating class at Fanshawe College’s 3-year Computer Programmer Analyst program.  Soon after graduating I started working for a company called Direct Video.  At the time they had carved out an niche online by selling DVDs with the low 60 cent U.S. dollar to mostly U.S. customers.  I then had the chance to work with some of the top minds in what then was the Canadian Alliance party in a by-election in Perth-Middlesex.  I picked up valuable management, marketing, and operations tips from seeing firsthand how future Conservative Party national campaign managers Doug Finley and Jenni Byrne run an election campaign.  In September of 2003 I started working for Forest City Surplus as the Webmaster of their bricks and clicks website.  I quickly learned that although code was important for a website, getting sales through SEO, digital marketing, and website sales copy was even more important to the bottom line.  After about a year the realization had hit me.  Despite the fact that Forest City Surplus was a one shop operation in certain areas like camping gear it was thanks to SEO it was competing with giant chain stores like Canadian Tire, MEC, and Walmart.  This business insight made me an instant convert to search engine optimization.  I also noticed from customers at this time that the words on the screen had meaning; this product sales copy could make or break a sale.  It was essentially an automated salesman that sold products days, evenings, weekends, rain or shine.  I then listened to hundreds of hours of copyrighting lessons by Dan Kennedy and started buying his books.  I then started applying this to the Forest City Surplus website.  To my surprise I started noticing a big change in the store.  Instead of customers lining up for staff to ask for advice customers started printing off the web pages and bringing them to the store.  Questions went from which widget would best suit my needs to where can I find this product I found on your website.  The website had through better sales copy advanced the sales cycle in the customers mind.

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