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Computers and marketing have always been a passion for me.  For my second Christmas in 1981 my parents said that I kept asking for a computer.  It was one of the first words I had learned.  By pre-school my teachers had noticed that I had picked up on several advertising jingles.  Fast forward a few years and I was part of the first graduating class at Fanshawe College’s 3-year Computer Programmer Analyst program.  Soon after graduating I started working for a company called Direct Video.  At the time they had carved out an niche online by selling DVDs with the low 60 cent U.S. dollar to mostly U.S. customers.  I then had the chance to work with some of the top minds in what then was the Canadian Alliance party in a by-election in Perth-Middlesex.  I picked up valuable management, marketing, and operations tips from seeing firsthand how future Conservative Party national campaign managers Doug Finley and Jenni Byrne run an election campaign.  In September of 2003 I started working for Forest City Surplus Canada as the Webmaster of their bricks and clicks website.  I quickly learned that although code was important for a website, getting sales through SEO, digital marketing, and website sales copy was even more important to the bottom line.  After about a year the realization had hit me.  Despite the fact that Forest City Surplus was a one shop operation in certain areas like camping gear it was thanks to SEO it was competing with giant chain stores like Canadian Tire, MEC, and Walmart.  This business insight made me an instant convert to search engine optimization.  I also noticed from customers at this time that the words on the screen had meaning; this product sales copy could make or break a sale.  It was essentially an automated salesperson that sold products days, evenings, weekends, rain or shine.  I then listened to hundreds of hours of audio of copyrighting lessons by Dan Kennedy and started buying and reading his books.  I started applying these lessons to the Forest City Surplus Canada website.  To my surprise I started noticing a big change in the store.  Instead of customers lining up for staff to ask for advice customers started printing off the web pages and bringing them to the store.  Questions went from which widget would best suit my needs to where can I find this product I found on your website.  The website had through better sales copy advanced the sales cycle in the customers mind.

What Others Say About Tim Hodges

“Over my many years working at Forest City Surplus I’ve seen many customers come in with printouts from the website that Tim maintains. It has brought in a lot of business. It’s a major factor in how a small business like us is able to compete with big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire. Tim takes great pride in the website, ensuring product accuracy. His descriptions can usually answer most customer questions. A lot of customers are so sure of the content of the website they walk in with the printout and simply pick the item off the shelf without having to ask the staff questions. It’s a real labour saver.”
Bill Turney, Assistant Manager, Forest City Surplus (519) 438-8351

“In my time working with Tim, I’ve noticed so many good qualities. He stays late, has come in on weekends to get his job done, asks for input from the cashiers as well as other employees, and so on. He works hard every day to maintain the Forest City Surplus website. Anyone would benefit from having a hard working guy like Tim on their team!”
Kelsie MacLeod, Cashier, Forest City Surplus – September 1, 2015

“When Tim designs ads, he regularly asks for suggestions on what products I feel are selling well in the store. I find it empowering that he asks us front line workers what we feel is worth advertising. I’ve never been treated like this in any of my previous jobs”
Jennypher Diavo, Cashier, Forest City Surplus – August 29, 2009

“The print ads are the main reason why we had a great Christmas sales season this year (2009). I see a lot of customers come in with copies of Tim’s print ads with items circled that they wanted to buy.”
Bill Turney, Assistant Manager, Forest City Surplus (519) 438-8351

“Thanks to Tim’s help Freedom Party was able to increase it’s votes in the London-West by election by 728 percent. This increase is remarkable given that Tim increased the results from the 2007 to the 2011 election by 25 percent. A large part of these gains can be attributed to the hard work, team building skills, and strategic planning of Tim as Campaign Manager and riding association President. Given this track record of success I believe Tim would be a great asset to any organization.”
Barry Malcolm, Freedom Party of Ontario London West Constituency Association Fundraising Chair – September 27, 2013

“The short of it is that Tim works bloody hard. He’s creative, intelligent, dedicated, and gives his all. I’ve never seen him go halfway on any project. That sort of hard work and dedication is an asset to any organization or company. The amount of blood & sweat I’ve seen him put into a voluntary organization (CIPS London Section) speaks volumes.”
Scott Kinoshita, Executive Secretary 2008-2009, CIPS London Section – September 21, 2009

“Tim Hodges is a long-standing, highly-valued and indispensable asset to both the Freedom Party of Ontario and to me as Leader of the party. His regular attendance at meetings of the party executive since 2005 have been instrumental in guiding marketing and fundraising efforts, in resolving technical issues, and in bringing to election platform planning the political insights and opinions expressed by his wide and varied contact list. He has initiated successful and newsworthy party-awareness and issue-awareness campaigns between elections, often forming and leading groups of volunteers at events on the ground. He has also been my number one go-to person during election campaigns, having contributed time, effort, and the sweat of his brow to the various aspects of my own general election and by-election campaigns.

Recognizing Tim’s exceptional contributions over the years, I personally nominated him for election to the Freedom Party of Ontario executive. Pursuant to a unanimous vote in favour, Tim now sits as one of the 7 party officers comprising the policy-making Provincial Executive.

Tim Hodges skills and winning personality will be an asset to any organization. I recommend him highly, and I encourage anyone seeking further information about this exceptional individual to contact me at my law office.”


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“Tim is conscientious and hard working. He was always eager and willing to come in early or work late during my busiest times. He would be a valuable asset to any employer.”
Robert Vaughan, President, Direct Video

“In the retail (non-web) portion of the store, we have a lot of customers that come in looking for products they found on our website, along with the descriptions and details that Tim provided. Tim has noticeably improved the amount of business we do at Forest City Surplus via the website fcsurplus.com.”
Tim Leader – Deputy Tool Department Manager, Forest City Surplus – August 25, 2009

“Thanks to a poster Tim made for me I was able to get five new clients in one week”
Bill Birnie – William J. Birnie Superlative Services – December 22nd, 2009

“Tim is very computer savvy and was able to point out deficiencies in my business’s Intranet which saved me both time and money.”
Robert Vaughan, President, Direct Video

“My association with Tim has been through our volunteer work for the London West Conservative Association. During the 2006 and 2008 federal elections Tim worked tirelessly. He came straight from work daily and ate at his desk. His expertise in creating databases was invaluable. Modern elections come down first to recruiting and assigning campaign workers and, second, to identify supportive voters and getting them out to the polls on election day. As co-chair of the “get out the vote” team, Tim liaised with our volunteers and the National Party to ensure that information was updated constantly and relayed to the Campaign Manager. Tim was called upon to train volunteers in the use of the Party’s data management system. Tim has served on the local Board of Directors and has worked on building and maintaining our website and membership lists. As President of the Riding Association, I know I can rely on Tim to complete all tasks accurately and on time.”
Ron Fisher, President 2007-2010, London West Conservative Association

“After we posted a flyer Tim created in the London Public Library System, we were overwhelmed with the record number of guests (18) who attended our next Toastmasters meeting.”
Tom Dampsy, President 2008, Forest City Toastmasters

“When looking for a web developer, you need someone who understands business and, in particular, marketing. You don’t want a website, what you want is a way of attracting and connecting to customers. That is why having someone like Tim who has a solid understanding of marketing is important to successful digital marketing.”
Laura Guerrero, PhD Business

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