Some people believe that the words on a web page are just “content.” They claim that whatever words are on that page doesn’t matter and would have no effect on the success of that web page.  Think about it.  Someone who believes that the copywriting on a web page doesn’t matter would be saying the equivalent to the scenario of an in-person sales interaction that the salesperson would have the same chance at closing the sale if all that came out of his or her mouth was a static noise, an unconfident wavering pitch, or a well-practiced confident pitch based on their strong conviction that the product or service they are trying to sell would benefit your life.  Let’s move back to the digital world.  When people buy online there normally isn’t a salesperson there interacting with the customer.  It’s the copywriting on your website that becomes the voice of your organization and its online salesperson.  What sales copy is on that web page matters.  To that customer the text on the screen is the sales pitch of the company and its products and/or services.  It’s not the code, CMS, and other IT infrastructure that support your site.  Often times it’s this digital sales presentation that the customer sees is their main focus.  Your product or service web page can influence whether they are moved to a sales conversion or do they leave searching for someone to tell them the information they need to make the buying decision (often your competition).

As someone who has worked for a small eCommerce operation for 15 years I get the a chance to chat directly with customers.  Often times I find that it is lingering questions and doubts about the products that are the ones that are holding the prospect back from purchasing.  It’s the often the lack of details and the bland sales copy that leaves them lingering looking for more information and raises doubt as to whether or not this is the right purchase to make.  This is part of what good copywriting is designed to solve.

By following the old adage “the more you tell, the more you sell” I provide customers with the details they are looking for to answer their questions.  This helps reduce the number of emails and phone calls and leads to automating the sales process.  It also helps you sell when your staff has gone home for the night.  Having sales copy written in a way that excites the prospect helps build that consumer interest in your product.  Good code is cool, but having a 24×7 well-oiled automated selling machine is what every organization is after.  Good sales copy can help you achieve this.  Here are a couple of examples

Examples of Tim’s Copywriting

Blood Pressure Monitor: original sales copy, upgraded sales copy

Bear Bells: original sales copy, upgraded sales copy

Now take a minute to decide.  Think of how better sales copy can improve your sales conversion rate.  This means you will for services it advances the sales cycle of your prospect allowing you to spend more time trying to figure when you can fit your client into your schedule and less time having to sell them on your product.  For products this means a higher chance of customers showing up to your business ready to buy your goods.  With an eCommerce website it means that you will have less emails and phone calls about your product and more orders ready to be shipped out.

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