Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Why Should My Business Get On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms?

  1. To get more customers!

    Social media is everywhere.  Next time you are in a busy public place look around.  Chances are you will see people on there phones.  Many of those people are posting to social media. So what?  Well these people are talking to each other.  Social Media Marketing has become the new word of mouth advertising.
    All the major social media platforms offer advertising.  You can use the data posted by users to these platforms to micro target niches.  Want to sell marine speakers?  Target accounts that have liked the local yacht club for complete marine audio systems including installation, go after those that like the marina for the do it yourself crowd (as these are likely smaller boats), and then cheap battery-powered Bluetooth speakers for people into sailing. All three markets get a message tailored specifically to them.

  2. To get customers to return!

    Bringing in a customer to do a one-time transaction is very expensive. Increasing the number of times the customer visits your organization is essential for any business to succeed.
    By being present on social media you can help stay top-of-mind with your customers and encourage them to return.  When customers like or follow you on a platform they are more likely to get your messages.  When customers see your organizations name this will help keep it top-of-mind and the sales messages may get them to come back to your business.

  3. Testing new products.

    Want to test a new product? Facebook members can give you quick feedback on whether or not they are interested in a product.  People are quick to say if a product stinks.  Thankfully with Facebook you can get this feedback and delete the post to limit the damage.  One strategy is to try to get out of customers what they are looking for.

Why Hire An Agency Or Consultant?

  1. You’re Too Into Your Business

    Many business owners are so into the day to day activities of running the operations side of their business that they they don’t have time to regularly post to social media. Agencies employ tools that can allow them to schedule social media posts so as to help amplify the customers coming in during peak periods. That is the time when you can least leave the operations side as you are making the most money. As outsiders agencies and consultants can keep that high level approach that keeps your social media posts on track so that they best tell your brand’s story.

  2. Social Media Experts Are… Well Experts

    There are only so many hours in a day. By taking your focus off your core skills expertise you are limiting your business’s ability to handle more customers, buy better deals, … Let someone else worry about how best to get your message across on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels. As they do social media marketing regularly they know whether a Facebook picture versus a piece of just text will perform better from focussing on doing social media marketing day-in and day-out.

  3. It’s More Expensive To Hire In House

    Hiring someone to work inside your own company fulltime is expensive. Also you can only message your following a certain number of times per day before it becomes annoying. By hiring a consultant you are splitting those costs you get the taste of social media success with being able to buy just a piece of the pie, not the whole pie.

Why Hire Tim D. Hodges?

Great question. Here is feedback from a client I recently worked with

With Tim’s help my average increase on likes on my Instagram posts is 64.7%.
Originally I had 9 posts to at 5.56 average likes per post. Thanks to Tim’s help I’m up to an average of 9.16 likes per post.

Thanks Tim!
You are my hero!
Ellen Towne
His and Hers for You Inc.

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