Website Upgrades

Website Upgrades

With over 15 years experience managing website Tim and his team has insights as to ways that you can improve your website.  Contact him today… before your competitor does.

Common upgrades include

  1. Content Upgrades – Helping you improve the copywriting on your sales pages, providing insight on different ways to improve the page including images, video concepts, page layout, and much more.
  2. Mobile Friendliness Upgrade.  Does your website not pass Google’s mobile friendliness check?  Check today, it’s free!  If you didn’t pass don’t worry, we can help you upgrade.  Not having a mobile friendly website will have an impact on your search ranking.  That means less customers will find your website.
  3. Secure Website Upgrade.  Is your website secure? Google now wants all websites to be encrypted.  This can help insure that the website is appearing as it should without third party plugins or ISPs changing the way the web page is displayed by doing things like inserting ads or spyware.

Contact us today to see how we can help your organization take its website to the next level.

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