Website Developed and/or Managed

Forest City Surplus (Responsible for maintaining and enhancing this e-commerce website since September 2003).
Norspec Filtration (Upgrading the on-page SEO including title tags).
Link 2 Realty (Upgraded the website to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) from classic HTML. Created and implementing a search engine optimization plan).
Ashley's Childcare (A Wordpress website that I developed. I handled the design, content, and SEO).
Cool Baby Wear (Developed an eCommerce store with the Zen Cart platform.).
The Stylist (Developed an informational business website).

SEO Results

I have 12 years of performing SEO in house with Forest City Surplus. I also have 7 years of experience consulting clients with SEO. During that time I was able to achieve page one search results for terms like "survival gear", "camping equipment", "discount tools canada" “London MLS”, “MLS London Ontario”, “MLS Property Search London Ontario” and more through on-page and off-page SEO best practices.
For a complete list of search terms that I achieved rankings for, visit the proven SEO results post on my blog.

Recently I worked on a technical SEO problem for one of the highest-profile wedding planning blogs in Canada The new website they launched featured a different URL to the previous site. As a website that receives tens of thousands of visitors a month the goal was to avoid losing readers by ensuring links from the old website still worked for the new website. My cost effective plan within a tight budget was to setup for the 250 most popular pages 301 redirects to the new URLs from various types of URLs that were generated over the years. To avoid problems with 404 error reports with Google approximately 550 redirects were created to send users to the homepage.

Administrator for Social Media Accounts

My personal blog which focuses on general and Internet marketing
The Forest City Surplus Facebook page
The Forest City Surplus Twitter account
The Forest City Surplus Google Plus account
The Forest City Surplus YouTube account (more details on the individual videos below)
The Funclips Coupons blog
The Tactical Adventures Google Plus account (Forest City Surplus)
The Airsoft Adventures Google Plus account (Forest City Surplus)
The main Forest City Surplus blog
The Forest City Surplus Audio / Video blog
The Forest City Surplus Pellet Gun blog
The Forest City Surplus Airsoft blog
The Forest City Surplus Camping Gear blog
The Forest City Surplus Paintball blog
The Forest City Surplus Foursquare account

Examples of Tim's Copywriting

Blood pressure monitor original sales copy - upgraded sales copy
Bear bells original sales copy - upgraded sales copy
More copywriting examples are available on request.

CIPS London Section Event Email Invitations

Starting a Software Business Event email number 1
Starting a Software Business Event email number 2
Starting a Software Business Event email number 3
More CIPS event invitations are available on request.

Forest City Surplus Themed HTML Newsletters

More examples of these weekly newsletters are available upon request.
Back-to-campus newsletter (August 2016)
Father's Day gift idea quiz newsletter (May 2016)
Winter survival gear newsletter (January 2015)
New Year's Eve party gear newsletter (December 2014)
Christmas gift guide newsletter (November 2014)
Halloween party and safety gear newsletter (October 2014)
Back-to-school 2014 newsletter (August 2014)
Cool stuff for hot weather newsletter (July 2014)
Father's Day Fun Fair newsletter (June 2014)
Father's Day gift idea newsletter (June 2014)
Camping gear newsletter (May 2014)
Unique tools that you likely won't find at the big box stores newsletter (February 2014)
2010 Winter survival gear newsletter
Price comparison newsletter

Forest City Surplus Non-Themed HTML Newsletters

August new deals newsletter (August 2016)
May new deals newsletter (May 2016)
Mother's day gift guide newsletter (April 2016)
August new deals newsletter (August 2014)
March new deals newsletter (March 2014)
March new deals newsletter (March 2013)
November 2008 newsletter
August 2008 newsletter
July 2008 newsletter
May 2008 newsletter
February 2008 newsletter
January 2008 newsletter

Forest City Surplus Plain Text Newsletters

October 2007 newsletter
September 2007 newsletter
July 2007 newsletter
June 2007 newsletter
May 2007 newsletter


How to share a Facebook group with select friends
How to add a link to StumbleUpon
How to download attached files when using Yahoo classic mail

Video Portfolio

Videos Written, Edited, and Starred In

3 Things to Consider Before Building a Website
Proving How Well Waterproof Paper Worked in a Rain Storm.
This video works very well inside the Forest City Surplus store on an in store TV and DVD player. This shows how Forest City Surplus will go to extreme lengths to demonstrate how well their product works. Similar in style to the Canadian Tire Ice Truck, just done on a smaller level at a fraction of the cost. The entire video took only one hour of total employee time including filming, setting up, and editing.
Camping Tent Peg Mallets Demonstration
Fanon MV6 SW Megaphone Demonstration.
A similar video to this increased sales of a megaphone model by 42% in comparison with the previous year. This series of megaphone videos also had the benefit of eliminating customer calls regarding whether or not the megaphones work and how far away one can expect to hear these megaphones.
ER-55W Megaphone Demonstration
Ammo Crate Demonstration
Telescopic 26 Inch Security Baton Demonstration.
This video has been used effectively in the retail store of Forest City Surplus to benefit baton sales and customer awareness of the product.
Bully Biodegradable Garbage Bags Presentation
9 Port Grandtec Security Camera DVR Card Demonstration
Folding Camp Cot Demonstration
Crank Flashlight Demonstration
Crank Lantern Demonstration
Folding Portable Toilet Demonstration

Videos Filmed and Edited

U.S. Army Alpha Black Tactical Edition Paintball Markers demo
One of the most successful videos we posted on YouTube. This video attracted a lot of customers to visit the retail store in order to buy paintball equipment.
Camping Section Walkthrough
Hobby Motor Spinning
This short video has increased the traffic to The Forest City Surplus website of customers looking to purchase hobby motors. The video took less than 30 minutes to shoot, edit, and post on YouTube. Although it is a very simple video it has managed to get over 8,500 views on YouTube.
Bug Jacket Informational Video
This video showed customers that you can wear a baseball hat underneath this bug jacket. The video also decreased the number of customer inquiries. The in store staff appreciate that, by having the video on display in the store, it reduced the need for customers to open the bug jacket packages to answer this question.

Videos Acted In

Cable Tie Handcuffs Demonstration
This is the first video shot at Forest City Surplus for YouTube. It is a video demonstrating how the cable tie handcuffs work. This video now has over 164,000 views.
A News London Camping Interview
Exploding Pop Cans with the HK Steel BB Gun
One of a series of videos featuring a product review followed by a demonstration of using the BB gun to shoot at pop cans and watching them explode.
Pyle PMP35R Megaphone Demonstration
A video demonstration of the functionality and features of one of the small megaphones that Forest City Surplus carries. One of the comments from a customer who watched the video on YouTube said "This was a fantastic review. Thorough yet simple explanation of this product. I was going to get the PMP30 before I saw this and now I'm definitely getting the PMP35R. Thank you!"

Endorsements of Tim Hodges

"Over my many years working at Forest City Surplus I've seen many customers come in with printouts from the website that Tim maintains. It has brought in a lot of business. It's a major factor in how a small business like us is able to compete with big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire. Tim takes great pride in the website, ensuring product accuracy. His descriptions can usually answer most customer questions. A lot of customers are so sure of the content of the website they walk in with the printout and simply pick the item off the shelf without having to ask the staff questions. It's a real labour saver."
Bill Turney, Assistant Manager, Forest City Surplus (519) 438-8351

"In my time working with Tim, I've noticed so many good qualities. He stays late, has come in on weekends to get his job done, asks for input from the cashiers as well as other employees, and so on. He works hard every day to maintain the Forest City Surplus website. Anyone would benefit from having a hard working guy like Tim on their team!"
Kelsie MacLeod, Cashier, Forest City Surplus - September 1, 2015

"When Tim designs ads, he regularly asks for suggestions on what products I feel are selling well in the store. I find it empowering that he asks us front line workers what we feel is worth advertising. I've never been treated like this in any of my previous jobs"
Jennypher Diavo, Cashier, Forest City Surplus - August 29, 2009

"The print ads are the main reason why we had a great Christmas sales season this year (2009). I see a lot of customers come in with copies of Tim's print ads with items circled that they wanted to buy."
Bill Turney, Assistant Manager, Forest City Surplus (519) 438-8351

"Thanks to Tim's help Freedom Party was able to increase it's votes in the London-West by election by 728 percent. This increase is remarkable given that Tim increased the results from the 2007 to the 2011 election by 25 percent. A large part of these gains can be attributed to the hard work, team building skills, and strategic planning of Tim as Campaign Manager and riding association President. Given this track record of success I believe Tim would be a great asset to any organization."
Barry Malcolm, Freedom Party of Ontario London West Constituency Association Fundraising Chair - September 27, 2013

"The short of it is that Tim works bloody hard. He's creative, intelligent, dedicated, and gives his all. I've never seen him go halfway on any project. That sort of hard work and dedication is an asset to any organization or company. The amount of blood & sweat I've seen him put into a voluntary organization (CIPS London Section) speaks volumes."
Scott Kinoshita, Executive Secretary 2008-2009, CIPS London Section - September 21, 2009

“Tim Hodges is a long-standing, highly-valued and indispensable asset to both the Freedom Party of Ontario and to me as Leader of the party. His regular attendance at meetings of the party executive since 2005 have been instrumental in guiding marketing and fundraising efforts, in resolving technical issues, and in bringing to election platform planning the political insights and opinions expressed by his wide and varied contact list. He has initiated successful and newsworthy party-awareness and issue-awareness campaigns between elections, often forming and leading groups of volunteers at events on the ground. He has also been my number one go-to person during election campaigns, having contributed time, effort, and the sweat of his brow to the various aspects of my own general election and by-election campaigns.

Recognizing Tim's exceptional contributions over the years, I personally nominated him for election to the Freedom Party of Ontario executive. Pursuant to a unanimous vote in favour, Tim now sits as one of the 7 party officers comprising the policy-making Provincial Executive.

Tim Hodges skills and winning personality will be an asset to any organization. I recommend him highly, and I encourage anyone seeking further information about this exceptional individual to contact me at my law office."


Paul McKeever, B.Sc.(Hons), M.A., LL.B.
Employment Lawyer
106 Stevenson Road South
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
L1J 5M1
Tel: 905-721-9772
FAX: 905-571-7706

"Tim is conscientious and hard working. He was always eager and willing to come in early or work late during my busiest times. He would be a valuable asset to any employer."
Robert Vaughan, President, Direct Video

"In the retail (non-web) portion of the store, we have a lot of customers that come in looking for products they found on our website, along with the descriptions and details that Tim provided. Tim has noticeably improved the amount of business we do at Forest City Surplus via the website"
Tim Leader - Deputy Tool Department Manager, Forest City Surplus - August 25, 2009

"Thanks to a poster Tim made for me I was able to get five new clients in one week"
Bill Birnie - William J. Birnie Superlative Services - December 22nd, 2009

"Tim is very computer savvy and was able to point out deficiencies in my business’s Intranet which saved me both time and money."
Robert Vaughan, President, Direct Video

"My association with Tim has been through our volunteer work for the London West Conservative Association. During the 2006 and 2008 federal elections Tim worked tirelessly. He came straight from work daily and ate at his desk. His expertise in creating databases was invaluable. Modern elections come down first to recruiting and assigning campaign workers and, second, to identify supportive voters and getting them out to the polls on election day. As co-chair of the “get out the vote” team, Tim liaised with our volunteers and the National Party to ensure that information was updated constantly and relayed to the Campaign Manager. Tim was called upon to train volunteers in the use of the Party’s data management system. Tim has served on the local Board of Directors and has worked on building and maintaining our website and membership lists. As President of the Riding Association, I know I can rely on Tim to complete all tasks accurately and on time."
Ron Fisher, President 2007-2010, London West Conservative Association

"After we posted a flyer Tim created in the London Public Library System, we were overwhelmed with the record number of guests (18) who attended our next Toastmasters meeting."
Tom Dampsy, President 2008, Forest City Toastmasters

"When looking for a web developer, you need someone who understands business and, in particular, marketing. You don't want a website, what you want is a way of attracting and connecting to customers. That is why having someone like Tim who has a solid understanding of marketing is important to successful digital marketing."
Laura Guerrero, PhD Business